Sabre security suite wins UK agency business

Sabre’s new ‘Traveler Security and Data Suite’, which enables corporate travel managers and agencies to quickly locate travellers worldwide, is now being used by a number of major UK business travel agencies and their clients to help them prepare for the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter Act.UK travel agents already using the ‘Traveler Security and Data Suite’ include Business Travel Direct, Giles Travel, Norad Travel, Redfern Travel, Wayte Travel Management and Chambers Travel Management.

On 6 April 2008, the UK government introduced a Corporate Manslaughter Act, making corporations responsible for the death of an employee if they do not fulfil their appropriate duty of care which in the corporate travel context includes keeping employees safe, protected and traceable at all times including during employee business travel. Failure to do so may lead to heavy fines and prosecution.

Martin Cowley, Senior Vice President of Sabre Travel Network EMEA said: “Sabre’s Traveler Security and Data Suite provides secure access to travel data, complete reservation information, and detailed travel reports to help corporate travel agents and travel managers quickly locate all employees and take action in case of an event or natural disaster anywhere in the world.”

An interactive, web-based application, Sabre’s ‘Traveler Security and Data Suite’ uses a graphical world map to present the location of all travellers. Users can also obtain detailed travel reports and reservation information for all air, car and hotel bookings made one year in advance of a trip and three years after a trip, for both ticketed and un-ticketed travel. The Suite also provides detailed access to a traveller’s itinerary through an online link to ‘Sabre Virtually There’, and a ‘Flight Threshold Report’ notifies companies when the number of travellers booked on one flight exceeds the organisation’s travel policy.

Business Travel Direct had been looking for a product that would provide an effective security and traveller tracking solution for its clients as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy, and duty-of-care offering to clients through their new consultancy division, Planit Consulting.


Business Travel Direct’s CEO Peter Reglar said: “The Traveler Security and Data Suite enables us to offer an improved, more efficient service for our clients. The product has expedited the process of locating travellers which we put to good use during the recent crash-landing of a BA plane at Heathrow.  Within minutes we were able to establish that none of our clients had passengers on board.”

UK travel agency, Norad Travel has also found Sabre’s ‘Traveler Security and Data Suite’ indispensable. Among the key features that Norad Travel finds particularly useful is the facility to automatically gather booking details without the need for any manual intervention and the ability to have instant access to three years of historical booking data. 

Mick Gibbs, Norad Travel’s Managing Director of Corporate and Consulting said: “Sabre’s Traveler Security and Data Suite enables us to offer new flexible reporting facilities to clients which will help them with their enhanced responsibilities under this new Act.  We can regularly update them on where their staff are travelling and also automatically trigger alerts when flight threshold parameters, such as how many staff can travel together on a flight, have been exceeded.”

Mr Cowley added: “The ‘Traveler Security and Data Suite’ has been a hugely popular solution since it was launched last year in the US.  Now UK-based companies have instant access to complete travel data and risk notifications without the need to capture and store this data themselves.  This is just another example of Sabre’s commitment to developing end-to-end corporate solutions that help agencies expertly manage corporate clients’ travel programmes.”