Facelift for Puerto de La Cruz

It has been announced that Puerto de La Cruz, the popular tourist resort in North Tenerife, is to undergo a 12 million Euro facelift. Three separate plans have been approved focusing on the regeneration of this charming old colonial town.

Tourism is the leading industry in Puerto de la Cruz, which has a tourism history dating back over a hundred years. The cosmopolitan town is very different from the modern 1970’s concrete resorts in the south of the island, which were purpose built to respond to the boom in tourism to Tenerife.


The Puerto de La Cruz regeneration project will bring the historical town up to date with aesthetic and structural improvements, whilst ensuring that its well-known charm and character is not compromised in any way. 



The three different plans are:


Plan de Choque (Plan of Impact). This will incorporate 22 specific actions to improve, paint, remodel or restore pavements, streets, squares, facades and buildings, as well as beginning on the construction of a brand new Marina in Puerto de la Cruz. A total of more than €6,380,000 will be spent on this project which will be fully completed by 2009 and will allow visitors to Puerto de la Cruz to fully appreciate the town’s history, charm and beauty.

Plan del Mirador de la Paz (La Paz viewpoint project). From the area of La Paz in Puerto de La Cruz, visitors can enjoy fabulous views over the town and sea beyond from an ideally located viewpoint. With an investment of €500,000, this area will be rebuilt to replace damaged pavements and bring it in line with the style of the historical buildings located in the near vicinity, for example the Hermitage of San Amaro.

Renovación de la Playa Martianez (Renovation of Martianez beach). This project is to focus on the small beach of Playa Martianez. €5 million will be spent on the renovation of the beach, the boulevard and the rebuilding of two bars located on the beach’s edge. 

A further project which has been agreed, although details of the specific developments and investment have not yet been disclosed, is the Plan Horizonte 2020 (Horizon plan 2020). This is a general plan for all Spanish tourist destinations, the aim being to focus developments in tourism on raising the competitiveness of resorts, as well as on the environmental, social and economic sustainability. Puerto de la Cruz, as an important and historic tourist destination, has been included in this plan and will receive public financing to improve the town and its facilities.


Snra. Dolores Padrón Rodriguez, Mayor of Puerto de la Cruz and recently appointed head of tourism, said: “We are keen to develop and boost tourism in Puerto de la Cruz and now have a dedicated team in the local council focused on promoting the best we have to offer in both the Spanish and international markets. The funding currently on offer - and there will be more to follow - is testament to the significance of the town as a major tourist destination and is key to bringing Puerto de la Cruz up to date following general wear and tear over the last 50 years as a booming tourist hub.


Puerto de la Cruz is and will continue to be a point of reference in the search for quality and excellence in tourism and it is in this objective that all current efforts are being placed.”