Qantas tests new security screening

The Qantas Group will commence demonstrations of
new-age security screening technology at the Qantas Domestic Terminal in
Melbourne this week.The ProVision Portal is an advanced passenger security-screening device
that uses millimetre waves to scan the body and identify all objects
concealed on or carried by a person.

Qantas Group General Manager Security, Geoffrey Askew, said the
demonstration, although not part of the current security screening process,
was intended to take the equipment into an airport for public consideration
and comment.

“Passengers are invited to view and test the equipment on a voluntary basis
in order for Qantas to gain customer feedback on this new technology,” he

Mr Askew said that passengers would simply walk into the unit and stand in
a designated spot for three seconds with arms raised, then leave the unit.

“The millimetre waves used to generate the individual’s image are not
invasive or harmful. The image created simply resembles an outline of the
person and indicates the position of any foreign object.


“The face is unrecognisable and sensitive areas of the body are blurred.
The security operative is the only person with access to the image and that
person is located away from the screening location,” he said.

“This is a major advancement on current technology and will eventually
deliver significant improvements for security and the efficient movement of
passengers through airport terminals.

“It is our intention to have this technology in active use at selected
Qantas screening points in the not too distant future,” he said.

Mr Askew said the Qantas Group had been at the forefront of aviation
security for many years and was committed to being a global leader in the
management of risks and aviation security.

“Quality staff, robust training, innovative processes and the adoption of
the latest technologies are all fundamental in the provision of safe and
secure travel for our customers,” Mr Askew said.