Kenya back on its feet

With the FCO’s relaxed travel advisory on Kenya, the destination is well placed for intrepid super stardom, as it crosses back over onto the adventurer’s most wanted list. Good news for agents, its short time in the media spotlight has certainly not deterred travellers from making plans to visit, in fact, the recent profile raising activity has stirred emotions; and with people looking to help in any way that they can, responsible travel is set to play a big part in the revival of the local economy. According to Acacia Adventure Holidays, a tour operator, which is reinstating its original itineraries to Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha and launching new tours to the destination in April, things are hotting up in Kenya, and they are not referring to the political situation. 

Kate Plummer, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator at Acacia Adventure Holidays, comments: “Interest in Kenya has never really subsided.  Now the peace deal has been brokered responsibly engineered holidays will be in demand and those looking to book will also be making a timely donation. People are acutely aware of the huge contribution that tourism makes to Kenya and they want to ensure sure they are making a real difference when they travel.”


Plummer adds: “Those who go to Kenya are frequently taken by the warmth of its people and this is still as strong as ever, but local economies need support getting back on their feet. With a range of overland and small group safaris which ensure interaction with the people of Kenya, our itineraries will certainly have a positive effect on the welfare of the destination. We also have a clearly marked local payment system, so agents and customers can see the real hard cash that will remain in the hands of the local people.