Eos unwraps new menu

Eos has introduced an “unairline” new menu for it’s business and high-end leisure traveler.Inspired by Guest feedback and a careful study of food trends at the world’s leading hot spots and scrupulously developed under the direction of Hector Adler, Senior Vice President of Guest Experience and his team of Executive Chefs, the new menu offers an array of fresh, modern tastes with dishes that are anything but your traditional airline fare.

“We wanted to make our offerings bolder and lighter, and introduce café-style dining that balances sweet and savory flavors,” commented Adler.  “By having more choices for everyone, we hope to create a memorable experience that stays on top of the wave for foodies on the go.”


Upon boarding, Guests are welcomed with the new pomegranate vodka cocktail with lemongrass stick, served with Japanese rice crackers. After the towel service, cocktails are served, followed by a passed tasting of canapés, including items like feta zucchini roll, grilled artichoke with pepperonata, and prawn with cucumber.



Main course options include the Tenderloin Steak Sandwich with herbed sautéed onions and green tomato chutney, served with arugula-frisée mixed salad with spicy lemon dressing; Grilled Scallop and Crabcake Lollipops served with marinated glass noodle salad and soy sauce dip; and Vegetable Curry With Saffron Rice, served with mint raita- arugula-frisée mixed salad and spicy lemon dressing.


The passed dessert tasting includes items like blueberry tartlets, sweet curd cheese soufflé and coconut praline, or a strawberry-mango parfait with crème fra”che.


“The days of ceremonial filling up on eight-ounces of red meat, bottles of red wine and huge slices of chocolate cake before passing out for 4-hours and waking up in a bloated daze have gone the way of the 3-martini lunch,” said Adam Komack, Eos’ Chief Lifestyle Officer. “Our Guests want light, satisfying and delicious food, and they want to be able to disembark ready to hit the ground running.”


In the morning, Guests may choose from a selection of fresh-squeezed juices, a Dutch breakfast of cold cuts, yogurt, cereal, or pastries. For those who wish to sleep in, Eos offers a breakfast-to-go that includes muffins, jam, yogurt and a chilled coffee beverage.