Oscars of the Travel Industry announces Grand Tour

Recognised as the hallmark of excellence, the world’s most prestigious awards program has been acknowledging the leading travel products around the globe for 15 years. To mark their 15th Anniversary in great style, World Travel Awards (WTA) is now expanding its portfolio of regional awards. These regional award ceremonies recognise winners in their own territory and celebrate both individual success and the achievements of the industry.
WTA 2008 Grand Tour will kick off in May with the African Awards in Durban, South Africa and will continue in Sydney (Australasia), Orlando (North & Central Americas), Crete (Europe), Rio de Janeiro (South America) and Abu Dhabi (Middle East). Asia venue is to be announced. This will culminate in the spectacular Grand Finale in December in the Caribbean islands of Turks & Caicos which will honour the travel industry’s very best.

To celebrate the enormous achievements of the industry and to focus on the high-level networking aspect of the program, WTA will organise the Grand Tour Winners Dinner in November in London, which will be an invitation only event exclusive to the winners, sponsors and partners of the WTA.

Furthermore, the WTA will establish a bigger platform for green and responsible tourism products by introducing the “Green” awards ceremony, set to be held this September at AquaCity, Slovakia.

In 2007, 1,827 VIP and senior industry figureheads attended WTA ceremonies. 72% of attendees were CEO, Chairman, CIO and CFO; MD’s and owners/partners accounted for 19% and senior management 9%. 58 countries were represented from all the leading global power-houses. WTA events are a forum to access, network and do business with the people who shape the industry and its future.

“World Travel Awards is proud of its impartial nature and the comprehensive process of its voting programme. Votes are cast by an audience of 167,000 travel agents and tourism professionals from 198 participating countries. Voted for by industry peers, this level of accountability makes winning an award the greatest form of recognition in the travel business.” said Graham Cooke, President & Founder of the World Travel Awards. “Since the announcement of our expansion plans, industry support has been staggering. With a host of exciting new partnership deals and a global media campaign reaching in excess of 270 million already in place, this vindicates our decision to launch the 2008 Grand Tour. We are proud of our 15 year commitment to reward and acknowledge excellence and honoured to be recognized as ‘the Oscars of the travel industry’.” adds Cooke.