Czech gets first A319

Czech Airlines has taken delivery of its first brand new Airbus A319 aircraft, with the matriculation OK-NEM.Upon arrival, the new aircraft headed for the hangar in which it has to undergo a standard check, prior to its introduction into operation.  Passengers will first encounter it on the morning flight from Prague to Barcelona on Monday 25 February.

In all, Czech Airlines will purchase four new aircraft of this type this year.  The second one will arrive in March, the third in April, and the last in September.  Czech Airlines deploys its most modern aircraft on its priority routes.  Hence, aside from the Barcelona route, passengers will be able to encounter the new aircraft on the routes from Prague to Brussels, Madrid, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Milan, as well as Odessa, Sofia, Riga, and Samara.  The aircraft will also fly to the new destinations that Czech Airlines will introduce in 2008, such as Tbilisi, Rostov-on-Don, and Damascus.