Czech upgrades economy refreshments

Czech Airlines has prepared a more diverse and richer selection of refreshments for its Economy Class passengers. The meal selection is better adapted to the time of day.  Meals are newly served in a modern disposable package, the design of which reflects the new visual style of Czech Airlines. Passengers will also see the new colour scheme in such accessories as blankets and head-rest covers. Czech Airlines passengers have encountered the new concept of refreshments in Economy Class since the beginning of February. All refreshments on board of Czech Airlines continue to be served free of charge.

On morning flights, Economy Class passengers will newly encounter sweet pastries or a cold French breakfast; and at noon, filled baguettes and a dessert are served.  The refreshments on evening flights are altogether new, as heated pastries will be served, e.g., a filled ciabatta or pizza, again accompanied by a dessert.  Thus far, Czech Airlines has served the same type of meal on all flights regardless of the time of day.  Czech Airlines is newly cooperating with Crocodille ČR on the preparation of the new meals for Economy Class.

Furthermore, the new meals are served in new, modern, disposable packaging.  Passengers in Economy Class will be served the mid-day and evening menus in a modern paper package, which will contain the main course as well as the dessert, serviettes, sugar, and coffee cream.  The packages feature a design in the new Czech Airlines corporate colours.  On longer flights, such as from Prague to Moscow, passengers will continue to encounter warm meals, served on larger trays.  These, too, boast the new corporate colours, which have, since the end of last year, gradually made their way onto other on-board accessories, such as head rest covers.

There will also be a change in the design of the blankets handed out to passengers during flights.  Over time, the blue blankets now used will be replaced with new ones having a strong red, the dominant colour of the new Czech Airlines design.

Czech Airlines will continue to offer a broad range of special meals.  Prior to the flight, Czech Airlines passengers can order meals suited to their particular dietary requirements or reflecting their religious preferences, from a selection of a total of 14 special meals.
In independent passenger surveys, the quality of the meals offered on board Czech Airlines is rated as one of the highest among European airline carries, and is one of the decisive factors in a passenger’s choice of an airline.  In spite of that, Czech Airlines strives to continuously improve its services.


Czech Airlines is coming forward with a new concept for serving meals in Economy Class, one year after having introduced new equipment for serving meals in Business Class.  The selection of meals in Business Class, too, is changed on an ongoing basis, in order to meet the requirements of passengers and to conform to the latest gastronomic trends.  Only ingredients of the highest quality are used in the preparation of meals for Czech Airlines flights, for both Business and Economy Class.