Austrian strategy pays off

Austrian Airlines Group was able to record a positive development in short and medium haul flights for January.Compared with 2007, an above-average passenger growth of 8.1% was achieved. The revenue passenger kilometres of these scheduled services (RPK) clearly increased by 10.8% compared to 2007; the scheduled availability (ASK) rose by 5.6%. The resulting passenger load factor from this was 61.6%, 2.9 percentage points above the previous year«s figure.

Structure effect for long haul flights
As long haul flights were only reduced considerably from the second quarter of 2007, there is a structure effect in the first quarter of 2008. In January, the scheduled availability (ASK) of long haul flights was reduced - as planned - by 32.5% compared to last year. The revenue passenger kilometres (RPK) in the field of long haul flights fell by 36.6%. The passenger load factor resulting from this was 77.9% and thus 5.1 percentage points below the value for the previous year.

A positive start to the year with a total of around 725,000 passengers
In total, the Austrian Airlines Group welcomed 680,400 passengers in scheduled services in January 2008, thus recording a plus of 2.0% compared to January 2007 in spite of the reduction of long haul flights according to plan. As a result of the structure effect for long haul flights, the traffic result, measured in revenue passenger kilometres of scheduled services (RPK), was 21.0% lower than the reference value for the previous year. The scheduled availability (ASK) was reduced by 16.8% compared to 2007. The resulting passenger load factor was 69.4%. Thus it was 3.6 percentage points lower than in the previous year.
With about 725,000 passengers in scheduled and charter services, the total growth was 1.2%. The total passenger load factor for scheduled and charter flights was 69.6% - thus, it decreased by 3.5 percentage points.

44,600 passengers in charter segment
In January, which is traditionally an unpopular month for vacations, the passenger load factor in the field of charter flights fell by 2.3 percentage points to 72.2%. The decrease of passengers of 9.4% in this segment is - like last year - a result of the structure effect (Slovak Airlines is included in the reference value for January 2007) and of the specific reduction of one long haul rotation.