Kayak.com upgrades Fare Alerts

Kayak.com has enhanced
its Fare Alerts to make the tracking process easier for
both the flexible traveler and travelers with a specific itinerary in mind.Users of Kayak.com and SideStep.com can now track fares for a specific date
or monitor the best prices for a timeframe such as an upcoming weekend or a
given month. Travelers interested in a region of the world but have
flexibility on the specific city can track the best prices for a region
such as the Caribbean or Europe.

  “Revamped Fare Alerts are yet another way Kayak.com breaks the industry
model and empowers travelers with better information,” said Drew Patterson,
Kayak.com VP of Marketing. “Kayak.com is the only site that allows the
traveler to track fares to all destinations around the globe, for any date
in the future, with flexible or specific dates, for an unlimited trip
length, accompanied by price changes. No other travel site offers this many
options available for tracking, without any limitations.”

  Users can create Fare Alerts by clicking on the “Get fare alerts for
this trip” link on the top right-hand corner of the flight results page.
The Fare Alert text box further personalizes the search by asking about
maximum price considered, currency, number of travelers and frequency of
email notification. Only Kayak.com Fare Alerts enable users to select
number of travelers which provides two benefits: quoted fares displayed in
flight results are available for the entire family and deals such as
cheaper companion fares can be found.

  Kayak.com will alert Kayakers according to their preferences for daily
or weekly email notification. The enhanced design of the Fare Alerts email
provides several fare history trend tools the user can use to make an
informed decision about where to go and when to purchase. New features of
the Fare Alert email include:

  —Dollar amount that a fare has increased or decreased since the alert
was created
  —Best Fare Trend Graph which displays airfare history for the requested route based on searches by Kayakers over the past 90 days
  —Snapshot of prices in Kayak.com’s matrix view which enables users to
quickly compare prices by carrier and number of stops
  —Ability to search for updated prices and availability, edit the alert
or delete the alert


  All registered Fare Alerts will arrive in one email so savvy travelers
tracking dozens of trips will receive no more than one email per day or
week as requested.