Hahn Air inks London connection deal

Hahn Air has signed on Airport Express Alliance as a new client, in co-operation with Amadeus.The co-operation between the companies means that travel agents around the world will be able to offer customers the option of pre-booking tickets on either Heathrow Express or Gatwick Express when making their travel arrangements and is expected to be available in May 2008.

Airport Express Alliance (AEX) is the sales and marketing arm for Heathrow Express and Gatwick Express. Both operate high speed, non stop services with Heathrow Express departing London Paddington Station every 15 minutes for Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Express departing every 15 minutes from London Victoria Station for Gatwick Airport.


The announcement was made at the Business Travel Show in London with Andreas Ochse, Product Manager for p-go 169® RAIL at Hahn Air signing the agreement with Airport Express Alliance Sales and Marketing Director Kyle Haughton and Amadeus Managing Director Stephane Durand.



Hans Nolte, Hahn Air CEO stated, “It is crucial that airport express service providers are able to handle airline compatible sales processes that make use of the same tools travel agencies typically work with. In a 100% e-ticketing world this means having introduced full scale e-ticketing on their services as well as having interline e-ticketing agreements in place with the airlines serving this destination. This way, railway service providers become a seamless member of the airline community. p-go 169® RAIL uniquely combines the print out of a physical train ticket and the compatibility of such a “looks like a paper document” with the e-ticket data and revenue accounting flow. Rail and airline customers now have a convenient one-stop solution and for airlines that are interested in being connected to p-go 169®, Hahn Air now offers a free of charge link.”


Diane Bouzebiba, Director of Rail Business Unit, Travel Services & Leisure, Amadeus, said, “Amadeus is committed to being at the forefront of rail technology development. For airport express service providers, we have joined forces with Hahn Air to offer a global, seamless and cost-effective distribution tool, handling fares and timetables, reservation and e-ticketing services right through to worldwide money clearance. By displaying on the prime airline display, we are enabling airport express railways to be where the customer needs to find them - at the point of sale worldwide. We firmly believe that this solution fits the needs of Airport Express Alliance and are very excited about the business we can create for them.”


“We offer visitors travelling to the United Kingdom the fastest and most convenient way to get to and from central London. This is critical to our customer experience. Feedback from our customers also indicated that they wanted to be able to book rail tickets when booking flights. Being signed on by Hahn Air and Amadeus gives our customers this option and helps us build our global presence,” said Mr Haughton, Airport Express Alliance Sales and Marketing Director.