expands London offering

Dot2Dot, a large scale airport transfer service available between Heathrow/Gatwick airports and over 600 central London hotels, has announced a major expansion following its launch in November last year.From 11th February 2008 the company has expanded to offer its service between Heathrow Airport and the Canary Wharf Estate.  Transfers to and from the airport are available to both the corporate and residential community at Canary Wharf.

The new Canary Wharf service marks an important strategic development for Dot2Dot as it is the first time that the business has offered collection and set-down at homes and businesses as well as hotels.  This is an important pre-cursor to further expansion of Dot2Dot’s service in central London with plans to serve all addresses later this year. All bookings on airport transfers for clients by the travel industry are commissionable.


Paul Whitfield, Dot2Dot’s managing director said:



“Since our launch the service has been well received by both operators and agents.  As our research showed prior to launching Dot2Dot there was a strong demand for an inexpensive, convenient and comfortable way to travel to the airport.  In addition there was a preference towards being environmentally responsible and we are providing a service that reaches all these criteria. We are delighted to say too that research carried out shows that over 90% of our customers would recommend our service to family and friends.”

Dot2Dot airport transfers offers customers the following benefits: -


- A door to door service - Collection and set-down from homes, businesses and hotels throughout London’s E14 district.


- Cost savings - priced from £25 per person each way, with significant discounts for groups, Dot2Dot is less than half the price of a black cab.


- Room for comfort or room to work - Dot2Dot’s executive shuttles provide a comfortable journey to the airport with a bespoke interior design, including leather seats with a generous seat pitch.  For customers who want to work during their journey the shuttles will also be equipped with WiFi? at each seat.


- A more responsible travel choice - Dot2Dot shuttles comply with EU Emission and by sharing a single journey with up to nine other travellers this drastically reduces an individual’s carbon footprint.


Dot2Dot will offer a 20% discount on their new Canary Wharf service to all customers that book before 31st March 2008 and travel before 1st November 2008.