Berna in Milan picks IDeaS solution

IDeaS has announced that Hotel Berna, Milan, has implemented IDeaS V5i On-demand Revenue
Management Solution to manage its pricing strategies. Hotel Berna is an independent four star hotel located in the heart of
Milan, and a sister property of Lugano Dante, Switzerland, a four star
hotel which is already successfully employing IDeaS products.

“The extremely positive results obtained in Switzerland were the reason why
we have decided to deploy IDeaS’ solutions also in Italy. The relationship
with IDeaS is key for our business, as it allows us not only to experience
significant revenue increase but also to gain additional competitive
advantages over our competitors.” says Carlo Fontana, owner of the hotel.


Hotel Berna has already completed the implementation of all the available
modules for the V5i system in order to forecast demand, differentiate its
business, improve its profitability and account for uncertainty in the
market.  Fontana added: “In particular, the V5i BAR (Best Available Rate)
module is a perfect fit for our facility. Thanks to its integration with
our web-rate-shopper facility, it is a very powerful tool, and it will be
fundamental in making pricing decisions while also incorporating
competitive rate information. In addition to that, it guarantees quicker
and better response to our competitors’ moves”.



“We are proud of this new relationship with Hotel Berna. It represents a
significant step forward for IDeaS, as it provides an opportunity for us to
prove ourselves in the Italian market, which has many independent hotels
alike Hotel Berna a lot of potential for our business,” says Fabian Specht,
IDeaS Director, EAME. “Everyone at IDeaS strives to provide the maximum
benefit to our customers through our cutting-edge revenue management
solutions and we feel well positioned for future growth in this market”.