Fuchun Resort: The big interview

Fuchun Resort is the most exclusive golf and spa resort in mainland China. Inspired by a 700-year-old painting, the resort has captured its dreamlike spirit completely.

Fuchun has everything: from deluxe rooms and suites to superlative villa accommodation, with views of the mountains beyond. 

Min Bae, Overseas Sales Manager for the resort tells Breaking Travel News how this landmark destination is planning to stay one step ahead of the emerging competition.

BTN: What are the biggest challenges facing Fuchun at the present time?

A number of travellers still believe that China is not yet a destination for upscale travel. It may need more time to educate the market, hopefully after the Olympics


BTN: What new opportunities and markets do you see opening up in 2007-2008?

Broader overseas market is expected to be opened for Beijing Olympics prospects. There is no doubt most of Beijing Olympics participants will be travelling across China after the Olympics and it would be absolutely a great opportunity for us as well.

BTN: Why is Fuchun a popular weekend escape for Shanghai residents? What does it offer different from other resorts?

The strongest advantage is location. Our property is 3 hours away from Shanghai by car and it only take 80 minutes via express train. The second point would be what we have to offer; Golf / Spa / Yoga / Taichi / Kid’s facilities. There are not much family-oriented getaways in such a short distance.


BTN: A golf course and spa are on site, what do they bring to the property?

Those two are our unique selling points. The facilities are our attractive points luring prospects who seek for weekend/vacation getaway in a nearer distance. Prospects could be expatriate families residing Shanghai/Hong Kong/Beijing and weekend golfers from countries in neighbourhood. For golfers, they come to our resort to experience extraordinary golfing surrounded by tea terraces.


BTN: Construction of over ten holiday resorts is underway in the Hangzhou area, are you confident Fuchun will stay ahead of the competition? How do you plan to do this?

Each property has its unique style & services. A magnificent backdrop of picturesque hills makes Fuchun a scenic resort which can hardly be imitated by others. As mentioned in #4 answer, from a stunning 18-hole golf course, relaxing Spa experience by both Chinese & Balinese to unparalleled activities, guests are able to experience everything in a breathtaking resort.


BTN: The resort used architect and designer Jean-Michel Gathy, do you believe his work on the resort will last over time - in terms of style and substance? What is so special about his design and architecture in this building?

He has established a stylish sanctuary in a historic Fuchun mountain & the legendary Fuchun River. It is truly a modern take on traditional Chinese design well-immersed with the architect’s unique taste.

BTN: What did it mean to you winning China’s Leading Resort at last year’s World Travel Awards? Do you expect to win it again this year? And if so why?

We have won China’s Leading Resort for two consecutive years which means we are now well positioned as a leading resort in the country. We are absolutely confident to win in the coming year as well.