OnePoint deals target travel industry

OnePoint Surveys is working
with two key players in the travel and tourism industry to drive
innovation.Both FootFall Services Ltd, providers of specialist marketing
services within the tourism sector and Radar, specialists in research and
consultancy for the travel industry are using OnePoint’s unique mobile
survey technology to enhance what they can offer their clients.

FootFall Services, who recently signed as a OnePoint Surveys Authorised
Reseller, help organisations to increase their visitor numbers and improve
visitor marketing.  FootFall Services have extensive experience working in
the tourism and heritage sectors and are excited about the use of mobile
surveys for visitor feedback, market research and marketing campaigns.
Within two weeks of becoming a Reseller they secured a contract with Aorta
Events to use OnePoint mobile surveys to develop their new treasure hunts
for the public with the UK and Europe.


“The instant feedback that can be gained from visitors via their mobile
phones is invaluable.  It is also clear that people are more willing to
respond to mobile surveys than paper and online surveys.” said Peter
McConnell, Managing Director, Footfall Services.  He continued, “We are
delighted to have formed a relationship with OnePoint Surveys, as their
mobile survey solution is the most sophisticated in the market place yet
simple to use and extremely cost effective.  Another key benefit is that
there is no cost to the respondent as OnePoint survey messages are FREE to
receive and respond.”



Radar, a division of Dipsticks Research, have selected OnePoint Surveys to
power their mobile phone research which investigates respondents’ reactions
to media communications, as well as for diary exercises, because its
immediacy allows response to events as they happen.  The Radar team view
the OnePoint Surveys solution as a powerful addition in their research
toolkit.  Angus Webb, Technical Director, Dipsticks Research, is
particularly impressed with the simplicity of the OnePoint business model.
“It is a straightforward offering that is extremely effective and the
results speak for themselves.  With one recent mobile survey we achieved an
81% response rate within five minutes, and a total response rate of 95%
within three hours - there is no other research tool that can offer such
timely and high response rates. The OnePoint system is simple, powerful and
delivers incredible response rates. What more could a research company


Neil Jessop, Managing Director of OnePoint Surveys commented, “Mobile
surveys really are taking the market by storm.      Our results and response
rates speak for themselves.  OnePoint offer a great opportunity for
Researchers and Resellers as it is simple and straightforward to add
OnePoint mobile surveys to any portfolio.”