reveals Swiss guide and its
German counterpart, have launched their new Guide to
Switzerland. The website provides advice about car hiring, as well as
information about a number of different holiday destinations. 

The Guide to Switzerland provides useful details for anyone planning a trip
to this country. It has information about some of the main holiday
destinations in Switzerland, such as Berne, Geneva and Zurich, among
others.  As with other guides, the guide outlines attractions
that are within one to three hours drive of the main cities and
destinations.  This useful feature can help holidaymakers begin making
plans for their trip as soon as they have hired their vehicle.


With so many forthcoming events taking place in Switzerland, it is a
destination worth considering for those interested in the arts or sports.
Some upcoming events include the Women’s Alpine Skiing World Cup in St
Moritz and the Salsa Festival in Zurich in February. In March there is the
Berne International Jazz Festival and the Xtreme Freerider Contest in
Verbier.  In April there is the Lausanne Carnival, and in June there is the
St Moritz Yodelling Festival and Euro 2008.



Therefore, for those contemplating a trip to Switzerland, will
be a useful starting point.