JAL outlines plans for 2008

The JAL Group has announced its route, flight frequency and fleet plan for fiscal year
2008, the year beginning April 1, 2008 through to March 31, 2009.JAL will continue restructuring its international and domestic passenger and cargo operations in preparation for the
business opportunity that will arise in 2010 from the expansion and internationalization of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport,
and an increase of airport slot capacity at Narita Airport.
Through aircraft downsizing and fleet renewal, shifting to high growth high profit routes, and the introduction of high
quality products and services, JAL aims to strengthen it competitiveness, build a stable business foundation and ready
itself for the airport slot expansion in the metropolitan Tokyo area. 
1. International Operations
In preparation for the expansion of landing slots in the Tokyo metropolitan area in 2010, JAL will actively strengthen
Narita Airport’s function as a global hub and increase international flights to and from Haneda Airport. At the same
time, the airline will speed up both the renewal of its fleet as well as implementation of its premium
customer-oriented strategy. 
Strengthening Narita’s Function as a Global Hub
JAL will adjust its operations at Narita Airport in preparation for the slot expansion in 2010. The airline will fine-tune
the network it offers out of the airport to find the best mix of routes to satisfy business and tourism demand from
Japan and overseas.
The airline will also adjust flight schedules and frequency to strengthen Narita’s role an international hub so that it
can act effectively as a bridge between the dynamic economic zone of Asia and Europe and the US. 
From April 1, for increased flight connection convenience, JAL flight numbers will be placed on all flights operated
by Japan Asia Airways to Taiwan: Taipei and Kaohsiung. 
Increase International Flights to/from Haneda
JAL will increase the number of flights out of Haneda Airport to meet passenger demand in the Tokyo metropolitan
area. In addition to the international routes JAL currently operates out of Haneda to Seoul (Gimpo) and Shanghai
(Hongqiao), the airline is planning to operate flights between Haneda - Beijing (Nanyuan) during the 2008 Beijing
Olympic Games. JAL also intends to increase the number of charter flights operated out of Haneda to more than the
approximately 280 it operated in FY2007.
Speed up Premium Customer Oriented Strategy
To increase competitiveness, JAL will speed up implementation of its premium customer-oriented strategy by
introducing new seats in JAL First Class and JAL Executive Class (the airline’s branded business class), and by
introducing the JAL Shell Flat Seat and JAL Premium Economy Service onto more routes.
a.Flight Frequency Increase
  JAL will increase international flights on routes to and from Tokyo (Narita), strengthening Narita’s function as a
global hub airport. The airline will also increase international flights to and from Osaka (Kansai) to strengthen its
network serving the Kansai region.
b. Flight Frequency Reduction
JAL will not operate additional scheduled flights during the summer months on the Tokyo (Narita) - Honolulu or
Tokyo (Narita) - Vancouver routes, as it has done in the past.

c.Aircraft Change
  JAL will improve its product competitiveness by introducing fuel-efficient, state-of-the-art 777-300ER on US
routes, and expanding the use of 737-800 on China and Korea routes.

d. Introduction of New First & Business Class Seats. Premium Economy Service & JAL Shell Flat Seat
Introduced on More Routes

2. Domestic Operations

In FY2008, JAL will introduce two cutting-edge Embraer 170 regional jets(E170), and will increase the number of
737-800 aircraft, as part of its policy of fleet renewal and downsizing. In line with its premium passenger oriented
strategy, JAL will expand its new domestic first class service on Japan domestic routes to increase the airline’s
product competitiveness


JAL will continue building on the improvements it made to its domestic flight schedule which resulted in a
significant improvement in the airline’s on time performance (OTP) rate in FY2007. 

a.  First time cutting-edge E170 introduced to Japan
JAL will introduce for the first time to Japan Embraer 170 regional jets (E170). The jets, featuring outstanding
interior comfort and state-of-the-art equipment, will start operations from February 2009 on mainly routes from
Nagoya (Komaki). Introduction of the Embraer 170 will enable the JAL Group to promote optimal aircraft size
depending on the scale of demand on each domestic route, and develop business operations more efficiently. The
new small aircraft will help JAL improve its regional network and meet the business chances in and after
FY2010 resulting from increased slots due to the expansion of Tokyo’s Haneda airport.

b.  New routes for Mt Fuji Shizuoka Airport
JAL plans to operate flights to *censored*uoka and Sapporo from Mt Fuji Shizuoka Airport when the new airport opens
for business. The new Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport is scheduled to open for business in March 2009. JAL plans to
offer a daily service to *censored*uoka in Kyushu, and a thrice daily service to Sapporo in Hokkaido from the new
airport. The airline is currently assessing the potential passenger demand on these new routes using Mt Fuji
Shizuoka Airport to determine the type of aircraft to operate, and the possibility of launching additional flights or
c.  Route Improvements from Osaka (Kansai)
JAL will inaugurate a daily service between Osaka (Kansai) and Sendai. Flight frequency will be increased
between Kansai airport and Okinawa (Naha) to meet tourist demand. Schedules will be adjusted to improve
access to the Kansai region and to facilitate smoother domestic connections for international flights heading for
Shanghai, Southeast Asia and other overseas destination.

d.  Domestic First Class Service Route Expansion
First introduced to Japan on December 1, 2007 on the Tokyo - Osaka (Itami) route, JAL’s domestic first class
will also be introduced on the Tokyo (Haneda) - *censored*uoka and Tokyo (Haneda) - Sapporo routes in the first half
of FY2008. The service will be introduced on the *censored*uoka route from April 2008, and from June 2008 on the
Sapporo route, in advance of the G8 Summit to be held in Toyoko, Hokkaido in July 2008. In July, the domestic
first class service will be expanded onto all 15 roundtrip flights between Tokyo (Haneda) and Osaka (Itami). 

3. Cargo Operations
In FY2008, JAL will complete the retirement of all its classic-type 747-200 freighters (747F). These are being
replaced by 747 freighter conversions (747BCF), which together with the airline’s 747-400 freighters (744F), will
increasingly be used on direct routings. JAL’s medium-size 767-300 freighters (767F) will enable the airline to
flexibly respond to meet strong demand in China and Southeast Asia.

4. FY2008 Aircraft Retirement & Renewal Plan (International/ Domestic Passenger & Cargo)

JAL plans to continue retiring older aircraft, replacing them with state-of-the-art, more fuel efficient, small and
medium size aircraft to reduce costs and increase competitiveness.
By the end of FY2008 the JAL Group fleet used for international/ domestic passenger and cargo business will total
273 aircraft, one more than at the end of FY2007.