ANA sets out four year plan

ANA has announced its latest mid-term corporate plan for the four year period from April 1, 2008 - March 31 2012.  This will replace the current Mid-term Corporate Plan 2006 - 2009 to better reflect the realities of the global and Japanese operating environment: continuously high jet fuel prices, deregulation and the imminent capacity expansion of Tokyo Haneda and Tokyo Narita airports in 2010.

“We have made strides under our present mid-term plan,” said ANA President & CEO Mineo Yamamoto.  “Our fleet renewal is well under way, and we are constantly taking delivery of the newest, most economical and comfortable aircraft; we are down-gauging aircraft to improve operating efficiencies and convenience for customers; we are investing in our international operation - where we expect most growth; and we have strengthened our financial base through the sale of our hotels.


In the light of changes in our operating environment since the inception of the current Mid-Term Corporate Plan, it is time to build on the foundation we have created thus far, to be innovative and think on a more global scale if we are to achieve our corporate vision of being Asia’s Number One Airline for quality, customer satisfaction and value creation.



Being innovative means resetting our present ways of thinking to zero in order to get beyond things we take for granted in our industry, so that we can find new ways of doing business and serving our customers.  It means re-thinking our organisation, improving individual productivity and outsourcing more to achieve greater efficiencies, allowing us to expand our operation without expanding our headcount.  And as for global thinking, it behoves us to move our awareness to Asia - which is our home region and an area of tremendous growth - so that we can examine our global growth strategy going forward from an Asian, not just a Japanese perspective ,” explained Mr Yamamoto.