Marriott reveals new Edition brand

Ian Schrager and Marriott have unveiled their new lifestyle boutique hotel brand it will be called “Edition.” A wave of development deals will see the opening of the first properties in 2010.Agreements have been reached with developers for the first nine of what eventually could be more than 100 Edition hotels in markets around the globe. Under the agreements, Edition hotels are now planned for Paris, Madrid, Costa Rica, Miami, Washington, Chicago and Scottsdale, Ariz. Two hotels are planned for Los Angeles.

Messrs. Schrager and Marriott said they are in advanced discussions involving 20 more hotels with as many as 30 agreements in prime locations expected by the end of 2008. Six months ago, they anticipated having only five projects announced by the end 2007, essentially half of what has actually been signed.

“Edition will be truly global,” Mr. Schrager said. “The reaction among the development community underscores the strength of the concept, reflects the breadth and diversity we anticipated, and demonstrates the industry’s understanding of the untapped market we will reach.”

“It’s a magical combination,” said Mr. Marriott, chairman and chief executive officer of Marriott International. “Each hotel will be a new Edition, a modern genre of hotel that only Ian Schrager can create. These hotels will be an exceptional complement to our brand portfolio and will allow us to use our global platform and operational expertise to create the first truly global branded boutique lifestyle hotel on a large scale.”

“The name ‘Edition’ perfectly captures the essence of this brand,” added Mr. Schrager. “People today are sophisticated and demanding about quality and service, yet also expect a hotel to provide a unique environment and experience. We intend to make this type of lodging widely accessible and available for the first time in the major lodging destinations across the globe and to everybody around the world who wants it.”


With an average size of 150-200 rooms, each of the Edition hotels will reflect the best of the cultural and social milieu of its location and of the time. A diverse set of world-renowned architects and designers will be recruited to create one-of-a-kind buildings spanning the complete range of project types, from new construction, to conversions, to dramatic renovations. The partners expect these hotels to be not just the most aesthetically pleasing in their markets but to be the most environmentally responsible as well. Mr. Schrager is leading the effort on concept, design, marketing, branding and food and beverage for Edition. Marriott is overseeing the development process, and will operate the properties.