Hampton to honour Dr.King

Hampton Hotels has announced that it will
honor Dr. Martin
Luther King with a massive restoration of the National Civil Rights
Museum in Memphis, Tenn. - the site where he was assassinated - as part of
its award-winning Save-A-Landmark program.According to survey results recently released - just in time for Martin
Luther King, Jr. Day - more respondents (26 percent) chose Dr. King as the
most legendary figure in modern history than any other notable person. Hampton Hotels, which conducted the survey, says the refurbishment of the National Civil Rights Museum by Hampton, will take
place in late March and will be the largest effort in the program’s history
- more than 100 volunteers will help get the museum ready for the 40th
anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination.

The event will also serve as a
kick-off for the Save-A-Landmark program’s ninth year, which has been
dubbed the year of “Landmark Legends”.      During the next 12 months, Hampton
Hotels and its employee-volunteers will restore sites that honor some of
the most distinguished people in world history - legendary figures that
have inspired change, overcome challenge and made a difference.

“As always, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and do whatever is needed -
paint, reconstruct, landscape, anything the sites need - to salute these
luminaries and assist with the upkeep of landmarks built in their honor,”
said Judy Christa-Cathey, Vice President of brand marketing for Hampton
Hotels. “Dr. King is just one shining example of someone who inspired
positive change. We are helping the Museum prepare for the anniversary
events marking his life and accomplishments.”


According to Hampton’s ‘Landmark Legends Survey’, not only is Dr King the
biggest legend in modern history, his famous “I Have a Dream” speech is
also so well known that more than a third (36 percent) of Americans rank
this as the most legendary phrase of all time.



From helping the 80-foot Blue Whale in Catoosa, Okla. through to the
historic World War II destroyer U.S.S. Laffey in Mount Pleasant, S.C., the
Save-A-Landmark program has helped research landmarks in need, promoted
landmark sites and their importance, facilitated hundreds of thousands of
volunteer hours, donated several tons of supplies and worked with matching
grants - all at an investment of more than $2.5 million.  Hampton
employee-volunteers work hand-in-hand on the landmarks while Hampton
provides the dollars to refurbish selected sites.


Landmark nominations have been a key element of the Save-A-Landmark
program’s success since its inception in 2000, with thousands of
nominations provided by the public.


The public can visit the recently launched “Landmark Legends” page at the
Save-A-Landmark site, and click on “submit a landmark,” to enter their
nomination for a legendary landmark. Also, those looking to stand in the
shadow of renowned people and their landmarks can access the site’s
database for dozens of ideas.