Wi-Fi deal lands at Denver airport

FreeFi Networks has announced that
Denver International Airport is now the largest airport in North
America to offer free Wi-Fi Internet access through its partnership with
FreeFi Networks.In addition, FreeFi Networks has partnered with Disney-ABC Domestic
Television to provide popular video on demand rentals as they become
available from The Walt Disney Studios, including new and classic titles
from Walt Disney Pictures, Disney-Pixar, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood
Pictures and Miramax Films. Disney hits such as “Pirates of the Caribbean:
At World’s End,” Disney-Pixar’s “Ratatouille” and Hollywood Pictures’ “The
Invisible” are now available for rent through the new service at DIA.

  The switch to FreeFi Networks allowed the airport to eliminate a $7.95
daily charge for Internet access. As a result of the change, DIA is now the
largest airport in North America to offer free wireless Internet access
terminal wide. The new service is currently averaging between 4,000 and
5,000 daily connections to DIA travelers. The previous paid Wi-Fi service
at DIA averaged about 600 daily connections.

  “Usage increased by a factor of 10 times during the first four weeks
this service was available,” said Jim Winston, Director of
Telecommunications at DIA. “Our motivation for moving to the FreeFi
Networks approach is to deliver a high quality Internet experience to our
airport customers, as we continue to provide necessary revenue to the city
to satisfy the bondholders that financed the building.”

  “As a frequent business traveler, I’m excited at the ability to quickly
download and rent a movie on my laptop before I get on the plane,” said Dan
Cohen, executive vice president of pay television and interactive media for
Disney-ABC Domestic Television. “Our partnership with FreeFi Networks also
allows us to tap into a previously untouched video on demand distribution

  “In just minutes, we can deliver DVD-quality video on demand,
downloaded directly into the user’s laptop,” said Richard Bogen, managing
director of FreeFi Networks. “Several other U.S. airports have expressed
interest in our service and we expect to make several announcements in the
first half of 2008 regarding new airport locations.”


  Users logging on to the network view a brief series of advertisements
and banner ads while surfing the Web. Initial sponsors include Microsoft,
Nokia, Charles Schwab, Choice Hotels, Toshiba and Ford Motor Company.

  “We have found that the time it would take to enter your name and
credit card information into a paid system is longer than the time it takes
to view the advertising at the beginning of a Wi-Fi session,” said Lawrence
Laffer, Director of Sales and Marketing for the company. “Our system saves
users time and money, while providing a reliable high-speed wireless
Internet connection.”

  “Travelers have come to expect Wi-Fi access in places like airports and
hotels,” said Mr. Laffer. “With new Wi-Fi enabled devices on the market we
believe demand will only increase for network access. Clearly, free access
is preferred by the traveling public.”