Czech inks codeshare deal with Korean

Czech Airlines is about to expand its code-sharing partnership with one of its SkyTeam Alliance partners, Korean Air. Starting with the introduction of this year’s summer flight schedule on March 30th, South Korea’s national carrier will add its coding to Czech Airlines flights from Prague to Bratislava, ?ilina, Ostrava and Budapest.

“Czech Airlines welcomes the expansion of its partnership with Korean Air - especially on the routes to ?ilina and Ostrava. The code-sharing partnership on these flights will translate itself into a good choice of flights, which can be used by the managements of the Korean factories of Kia in ?ilina and of Hyundai in No?ovice,” said Petr Pi?tělák, Czech Airlines Vice President for Marketing and Product Development.

Czech Airlines and Korean Air are also negotiating a possible code-sharing partnership on Korean Air operated flights through Seoul to Tokyo and Osaka. Both carriers are aware of the great business potential of the route between Japan and the Czech Republic, which is primarily used by Japanese tourists. Despite the fact that about 130,000 Japanese tourists visit the Czech Republic every year, with the exception of a few charter flights, there is currently no direct air connection between Prague and Tokyo. The code-sharing agreement between Korean Air and Czech Airlines for flights between the Czech Republic and Japan is still awaiting the approval of the air transportation authorities of the respective countries. 

Korean Air already has its flight coding on Czech Airlines operated flights from Prague to 13 Western European destinations. These include Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London and Madrid. Czech Airlines has its flight coding on Korean Air flights operating between Prague and Seoul.

Code-shared flights are convenient for passengers by - for example - allowing them to book their entire itineraries, consisting of several connecting flights with transfers, through a single customer service center. Czech Airlines customers can also earn OK Plus frequent flyer miles on code-shared flights.