Embassy brand launches Business Balance

Embassy Suites Hotels is launching Business Balance (businessbalance.com), a new initiative designed specifically to help business travelers stay on their “A Game” while traveling.Accredited sources on nutrition, exercise and sleep will offer business travelers guidance and tips to help maintain balance on the road. The site will be moderated by a “virtual editor,” a respected travel expert who will offer commentary on current business travel trends. BusinessBalance.com launches in January of 2008.

“This year, Embassy Suites wants to offer guests the ‘anti-new year’s resolution,’” said John Lee, vice president, brand marketing and communications, Embassy Suites Hotels. “There are lots of web sites that tell you what to do in order to be successful. We want guests to know that, while they may not be able to stick to their standard regimen while traveling on business, they can achieve the balance that works for them. Embassy Suites will provide business travelers with the tools they need to build confidence, strength and relaxation to help achieve peak business performance.”

The BusinessBalance.com site is designed to give visitors an overall sense of ease - just what every business traveler needs to stay balanced and organized. It will be divided into two paths: “Strength on the Road” and “Serenity on the Road.” “Strength on the Road” will feature articles and tips on keeping a strong body, a strong mind, getting the proper nutrition, looking your best and maintaining family ties while on the road. “Serenity on the Road” will offer tips for business travelers to get better sleep, reduce stress on the road and pack efficiently.

Gary Chisholm, business travel expert for About.com will serve as the “Virtual Editor” of BusinessBalance.com with his wife, Charlyn Chisholm, hotel expert for About.com. “I’ve studied the business travel industry for quite some time now and have seen trends come and go,” said Gary Chisholm. “What I know is that in today’s 24/7, ‘gotta-have-it this-minute’ environment, business travelers are thrown so much information so quickly that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and unbalanced. What business travelers need is to feel grounded and balanced in order to be productive.”

The Web site will feature unique articles, Q&As and tip sheets from the virtual editors as well as experts on style, nutrition, fitness and sleep.