Ka-Yoga is new Florida sensation

Ka-Yoga’, a combination of kayaking and yoga, is the new exercise phenomenon sweeping the beautiful bays and islands of St. Pete/Clearwater.Instructors of ‘Ka-Yoga’ lead kayaking groups to secluded barrier islands where they unwind with gentle, relaxing Hatha yoga on the beach. The sounds of the sea and sights of dolphins swimming close to shore create a remarkably calm and peaceful backdrop for this highly effective exercise routine.

Ka-Yoga has been created by local yoga and fitness expert Tim Ganley as a way to combine exercise whilst enjoying the natural environment and the beautiful scenery of St. Pete/Clearwater.  Ganley’s stressful life as a SWAT team police officer led him to revaluate his priorities and focus on his physical and mental wellbeing. Ganley has now dedicated himself to teaching these principals to locals and tourists alike.


Ganley personally escorts individuals or small groups for just $50 per session. He has also created ‘Kai-Chi’, combining kayaking with the art of Tai-Chi, and, for a more intense workout, ‘Kayakecise’, where the kayaking adventure culminates in a mini beach boot camp, utilising stretch bands, medicine balls and push ups. Ganley also offers romantic private sunset excursions for couples, complete with a delicious picnic.



The St. Pete/Clearwater Area also offers a variety of other opportunities for active enthusiasts.  Kite surfing, snorkelling, wind surfing and water-skiing are just a few of the water sports available, and the region boasts numerous land-based activities such as bike riding, golf and walking