HEDNA tackles distribution challenges

HEDNA is proactively solving the challenges faced by today’s hotel distribution industry. Whether it be technology, emerging issues, online migration, tour operator issues or credit card verification, HEDNA’s committees are developing and implement solutions that will benefit everyone in the industry.

HEDNA’s Content Management Committee currently is working on a worldwide identification standardization project called the Unique Global Identifier or UGI. A UGI enables the identification of operational units by unique number, explains Laury Behrens of WPS, the committee co-chair. By attaching a UGI to elements of a transaction— like content, financial items, sell/stay—the industry could seamlessly follow a transaction throughout its life cycle. Such a system would obviously speed the business processes between all organizations associated with selling hotel rooms.


The Emerging Issues Committee serves as a forum to address concerns and exchange ideas on best practices as well as to solve industry challenges within a defined timeline. One recent achievement of the committee is the revamping of the GDS chain code matrix. The committee is currently working on a number of issues such as reserving chain codes, ADS switch guidelines and transitional requests, according to Co-Chair Alison Velez of Wyndham Worldwide.



With the introduction of automation of traditional group marketing and buying processes,  HEDNA’s Group Committee finds that online booking of meeting facilities and group room nights is rapidly rising. Since this sector holds new opportunities for those in the hospitality industry, the Group Committee will be publishing a tool kit called “Enabling the Online Marketplace for Groups and Meetings” in April 2008. This guide will help hospitality companies understand the technology and the expectation of end users as well as the technical, operational and other policy condensations inherent in moving to online marketing for groups and meetings, says Co-Chair John Arenas of Worktopia.


The Tour Committee recently conducted a survey to provide insight into the distribution business strategies of tour operators. The survey focused on how tour operators anticipate doing business in the future with hotel chains. The committee continues to work on connectivity solutions for tour operators, wholesalers and hotel companies, notes Co-Chair Nancy Little of InterContinental Hotels Group.


Questions about alternative payment options prompted HEDNA’s Credit Card Verification and Validation Committee to research and present information on these payment options to HEDNA members, reports Co-Chair Stephen Fitzgerald of Sabre Travel Network. The committee also guided European members through the new chip and pin process in the UK.

As these committees demonstrate, HEDNA is responsive to the needs of the hotel distribution industry, providing guidance and knowledge about current and future issues facing the industry.