Expedia expands airline content

Expedia Distribution (formerly Expedia Private Label) has added another airline to its list of white label partners by signing a two-year deal with Iceland Express.

The deal which went live in Q4 2007 sees Expedia Distribution provide hotel inventory and destination services (tours and attraction tickets) on the Iceland Express website (www.icelandexpress.com). The new hotel booking engine will enable Iceland Express customers to book accommodation across key European cities serviced by the extensive Iceland Express network including hotels in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Oslo and Paris.

This is the first time that the airline has been able to offer such a broad range of hotel inventory to its consumers. Alongside Expedia Distribution, Iceland Express will continue to work with Reykjavik Hotels to provide hotel accommodation within Iceland.

The partnership will be fully branded as Iceland Express and is totally integrated into the airlines website. Visitors to the site will be able to access the Expedia Distribution inventory directly from the home page.

The deal with Iceland Express brings the total of Scandinavian Airlines working with Expedia Distribution to six, including SAS, NAS, Iceland Air, Blue 1 and Malmo Aviation.


Matthias Imsland, Chief Executive Officer, Iceland Express, comments, “We are pleased to integrate the Expedia Distribution offering into our website. Our key destinations are all growing in popularity with visitors and it was important for us to be able to offer the widest selection of hotels and destination services to our clientele, signing this two-year deal with Expedia Distribution puts us in a very strong position to do this.”

David Roche, senior vice president, Expedia Distribution, comments, “We have an excellent track record in working with airlines to provide hotel accommodation on their sites and are thrilled to add Iceland Express as a partner. Expedia Distribution has provided Iceland Express with a simple, easy to use booking tool that adds to its hotel offering and enhances the experience for its passengers. With our breadth of product we are able to tailor our services to the needs of our partners, giving them a bespoke service that maximises ancillary revenue.”