Virgin widens Meditainment concept

Virgin Atlantic Airways has announced that following the popularity of its audio meditation programme onboard, it is now offering ‘Total Relaxation’ - a 30 minute ‘Imagination Reality’ experience.  Brighton-based company uses the latest in special audio effects and stunning on-screen visuals to create a wonderfully relaxing form of entertainment for passengers onboard.

Michael Taylor, from Virgin Atlantic’s Inflight Entertainment Department, commented:

“During their actual journey, passengers are able to sit back and enjoy a ‘meditative’ journey that’s guaranteed to leave them feeling relaxed, refreshed and uplifted.”

This particular experience blends traditional meditation techniques with audio and visual entertainment, with the meditative journeys specifically tailored to aid relaxation and sleep and to overcome stress and anxiety.  Physical benefits can include reduced blood pressure and an enhanced immune system.

Virgin Atlantic first linked up with Meditainment in 2004 when it was the first airline to feature an audio meditation channel, and since then the content has proved very popular with the airline’s passengers.


Richard Latham, Producer & Script writer, for, said:

“Long haul flights can be challenging for some travellers, especially if sleep proves difficult.  By watching the ‘Total Relaxation’ movie, passengers enter a state of pure bliss, where they can either remain, or let themselves drift into a deep and natural sleep.”

Meditainment is now available on all Virgin Atlantic aircraft, which have the Vport inflight entertainment system onboard.  Vport, voted the world’s leading inflight entertainment system at the World Travel Awards, is the most advanced inflight entertainment system, offering passengers up to 300 hours of video and audio entertainment on demand along with a wide range of games to choose from.