UATP expands in China with Hainan Air

Hainan Airlines in China has joined the UATP network as a new merchant airline. Hainan Airlines now accepts all UATP corporate cards and is a part of the UATP global corporate travel payment network made up of more than 220 airlines and travel agencies worldwide.

General Manager of Marketing and Sales, Xuxin, Hainan Airlines Co. Ltd., said, ” Hainan Airlines is focusing on the development of international air markets and meeting clients’ needs.” He added, “Accepting UATP is essential to the success of Hainan; we can achieve our expectations and we believe our corporation will be successful.”

HNA has changed the traditional conception that airlines service is only restricted in the cabin. The company showed a brand-new conception “Air Products” for customers, and took the lead in introducing the new service principle of “Whole-course series products and customized service” with the promises to offer customers seamless services. HNA advocates the corporate tenet of Faithfulness, Kindness, Excellence and Perfection and the corporate concept of “To do something for the society, to do something for others, and to do something for oneself”. HNA is doing its best to reach its goals of being the first choice of airline for passengers and being one of the world’s famous brands as a Chinese company in the future.

“Hainan joins other Chinese carriers in its expansion for market share. By accepting UATP, Hainan will be able to grow its corporate travel sector and increase its presence,” said Ralph Kaiser, CEO and president, UATP. “China continues to be the leading growth area for corporate travel in the world; Hainan is positioning itself to capitalize on this growth and meeting the demands of corporate travelers by accepting UATP.”