Steenland to chair ATA board

The Air Transport Association of America has announced the election of Northwest Airlines Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer Douglas M. Steenland to chairman of the ATA board of directors.Steenland will serve a two-year term as ATA chairman. He will work with ATA President and CEO James C. May on a number of industry issues, including pushing for effective government action to dramatically expand the capacity of our nation’s aging air traffic management system in order to meet burgeoning demand.

        “ATA and our member airlines thank outgoing board chairman Gerard Arpey of American Airlines, who chaired the industry group through a particularly difficult few years,” said Mr. May. “With our thanks to Gerard, we look forward to Doug’s leadership in continuing to advance the public’s interest in a robust, dynamically structured aviation system.”


        “I am honored to serve as chairman of the ATA board as we chart a new course for the future,” said Mr. Steenland. “This is an industry that faces constant financial and operating pressures - from record oil prices to an outdated air traffic control system. I look forward to working with my colleagues to help steer the industry through its challenges.”



Mr. Steenland was elected chief executive officer to Northwest Airlines in 2004, having served as its president since April 2001 where he focused on transforming Northwest Airlines into a financially viable and customer-friendly airline.