British airport workers cancel pension strikes

Union workers at London Heathrow and six other British airports have called off three planned strikes scheduled for this month after reaching a deal with BAA, the British Airport Authority.“We welcome the announcement by trade unions…that an agreement has been reached and all proposed industrial action has been cancelled,” said a BAA spokesperson. “This is good news for our passengers and airline customers.”

BAA said industrial action would have affected 1.3 million passengers but unions dropped a strike planned for Monday and called off further walk-outs scheduled for 14th and 17th of January, after BAA softened on plans to change pension rates. 

The world’s largest airport operator, a unit of Madrid-based Grupo Ferrovial SA, has now withdrawn a decision to close their final-salary pension plan to new employees.

Brendan Gold, national officer for Unite told the Times newspaper: “We have now achieved agreement that there will be no interference with our members’ pension scheme without proper talks.