easyJet to still enforce one bag rule

The UK government has announced that on 7 January 2008, the restriction of one piece of hand luggage will be lifted at 22 of the UK’s airports, but not so for easyJet.This will leave 40 key commercial airports with the one bag rule still in place, including easyJet bases at Belfast, Bristol, East Midlands, Liverpool and Luton.  In addition, some of the BAA airports, notably Gatwick, have applied to the CAA for a price increase.

To minimise customer confusion and avoid unnecessary increases in fares, easyJet has decided to maintain its policy of allowing each UK departing passenger to carry one piece of hand baggage (dimensions up to 55x40x20cm with an unlimited weight allowance).  Passengers are advised to check www.easyJet.com for more information on baggage allowances, but can be assured that by following this simple policy, they can continue with their journey as normal. 

Andy Harrison, easyJet’s Chief Executive, commented:


“There is massive scope for customer confusion in an environment where UK airports are adopting different policies. The only way to maintain a simple and standard policy is to maintain our one bag policy.”



“Also some of the major BAA airports are using the relaxation of the one bag rule as a pretext to further increase passenger charges. They increased charges when the restriction was introduced and now they want to increase charges again to remove it! easyJet will continue to resist such attempts and calls on the CAA for its full support”