Pennsylvania pledges airport investment

Governor Edward G.
Rendell has said that Pennsylvania’s investment of $5 million will help four
airports improve and expand terminals, runways and other airport
facilities.Harrisburg International Airport received $2.2 million, University Park
Airport in Centre County received $1.25 million, Philadelphia International
Airport received $1 million, and Indiana County-Jimmy Stewart Airport
received $550,000.

  “Investing in these airports will help stimulate their local economies
and provide better service for customers,” Governor Rendell said. “With the
commonwealth’s support, the airports will be able to make necessary
upgrades in order to keep running smoothly and safely.”


  The airports will use the grants to help enhance safety and increase
accessibility. Harrisburg International Airport will enhance its terminal
area; University Park Airport, which is currently the busiest airport in
the U.S. without an airport traffic control tower, will construct such a
tower; Philadelphia International Airport will extend one of its runways
for use by larger aircraft; and Indiana County-Jimmy Stewart Airport will
relocate and extend a runway.



  The grants were authorized by the General Assembly, approved by
Governor Rendell and administered by PennDOT’s Bureau of Aviation.