Boeing sets new order record

The Boeing Company has
recorded 1,413 net commercial airplane orders during 2007, reaching more
than 1,000 orders for an unprecedented third consecutive year, and setting
a Boeing record for total orders in a single year.Boeing also set new order records for the 787 Dreamliner, the 737, and
for Boeing freighters.

  The 2007 total surpasses the previous Boeing records of 1,044 net
orders in 2006 and the 1,002 orders set in 2005. Gross orders in 2007,
which exclude cancellations and conversions, totaled 1,423. Boeing recorded
1,050 gross orders in 2006 and 1,029 gross orders in 2005. Unfilled orders
for Boeing Commercial Airplanes is now over 3,400 airplanes.

  “It has been another strong year for commercial aviation, and we are
grateful for our customers’ trust in our team, and our products and
services,” said Scott Carson, Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and
chief executive officer. “We deeply appreciate the role we play in our
customers’ plans for growth and success, and we are focused on meeting our

  “Clearly we’ve had our share of challenges during the past year, but
our customers understand the issues, and market acceptance of our products
and services has been nothing short of remarkable,” Carson said. “With a
balanced base of customers from all regions of the world, from airlines
with varied business models, and with strong orders across our product
line, we are now focused on executing this strong backlog position.”

  In total, 80 different customers ordered Boeing airplanes in 2007,
including passenger airlines, cargo carriers, leasing companies, and
unidentified customers.


  “2007 told us that global demand for commercial airplanes remains
strong and sustained. And we’ve responded with what is clearly the
strongest product lineup that we’ve ever had, from the Next-Generation 737
through the 747-8, 767, 777, and our newest family, the 787 Dreamliner,”
Carson said. “We are able to offer more new-technology airplanes to our
customers than ever before, aircraft that are quieter and more fuel
efficient, with significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions and reduced
impact on local communities.”

  The 787 program enjoyed a record-setting year with 369 orders in 2007.
The Dreamliner is the fastest-selling new airplane program in history with
a total of 817 orders since launch in 2004. Contracts finalized at the end
of 2007 included the 787th (British Airways) and 800th (Vietnam
Airlines/Vietnam Aircraft Leasing) orders for the Dreamliner.

  The 737 program had the strongest sales year in its history, setting a
third consecutive record, with net orders of 846 airplanes. The previous
record totals for a single year for the 737 program were 729 net orders in
2006 and 569 net orders in 2005.

  Boeing freighters also enjoyed a third consecutive record sales year,
with 83 gross orders for freighters in 2007, compared with gross orders for
81 freighters in 2006 and 74 freighters in 2005.

  Twin-aisle commercial airplane sales continued strong, in a year in
which both the 767 and 777 surpassed 1,000 total program orders. 777 orders
marked the second strongest year in program history, with 141 net orders in
2007. The 747 program finished the year with 21 net orders, and the 767
program had 36 net orders.

  Boeing has posted its year-end orders information on its Orders and
Deliveries Website

  The 200 orders booked since the Dec. 18, 2007, update include: Boeing
Business Jet (one 737 and one 787), British Airways (24 787s), Dubai
Aerospace Enterprise (70 737s, five 747-8Fs, 10 777s, and 15 787s), GOL
Airlines (40 737s), Jeju Air (five 737s), VALC (eight 787s), Vietnam
Airlines (four 787s), and Unidentified (17 737s).