UATP bags Kingfisher business

Kingfisher Airlines,
Mumbai, is the latest airline to join the UATP network as a new Merchant.To meet corporate customer demands, Kingfisher chose
UATP as a form of payment while expanding its global corporate market share
in the airline industry.

“Kingfisher’s success is based on offering the best service and
experience possible,” said Dr. Vijay Mallya, chairman and CEO, Kingfisher
Airlines Limited. “We are actively expanding our corporate client base and
accepting UATP is a natural course of action to offer the corporate clients
their preferred form of payment to gain market share.”

  Kingfisher Airlines, recently awarded the Skytrax Excellence Award, and
voted the “Best New Airline of the Year” within months of its launch offers
unique opportunities for flyers. It is the only airline to offer premium
first class service on domestic routes and offer special programs for its
corporate flyers including dedicated relationship managers that offer
solutions for corporate client needs.

  “Kingfisher is quickly becoming a major player in the industry and has
smartly positioned itself by accepting UATP to grow its corporate market
share,” President and CEO, UATP, Ralph Kaiser stated. “The Indian market is
one of the fastest growing arenas and Kingfisher is positioned to garner a
large percentage of the corporate market share; UATP corporate clients will
be able to profit through the Kingfisher - UATP relationship.”

  Besides being the first and the only airline to offer in-flight
entertainment on every seat in the domestic skies, Kingfisher Airlines is
the only one to offer LIVE TV with 16 channels of live & exciting content.
Kingfisher Airlines is the largest airline in India offering 570 flights a
day with a fleet of 80 aircraft.