Air China preps for new Beijing terminal

Starting in March 2008, Air China will begin using the newly constructed Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital Airport.The Terminal 3 is the China’s largest investment project for airport, and will be the main supporting building for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The one million square-meter Terminal 3 project also includes a 3,800-meter-long by 60-meter-wide runway, which will accommodate the Airbus A380, the largest airplane in the world. Terminal 3 and its new runway had been started in March 2004, and will double the current passenger capacity of the Beijing Capital Airport in 2015.

” Air China is proud to be the flagship tenant in Beijing’s fabulous new Terminal 3,” said Mrs. Lan Zhang, senior Vice President of Air China. “Our familiar customers will benefit from the move to this new facility, and our new passengers joining for the 2008 Olympic Games will also be pleased with their state-of-the-art experience here in Terminal 3.”

Once in Terminal 3, Air China will launch a variety of advanced systems in order to speed the service process and improve luggage management capability. The move to Terminal 3 is an important step in the growth of Air China, enabling the airline to serve the Olympic Games, launch its enhanced network strategy, and offer world-class flying services to its customers.

For additional airport infrastructure, the new Li-Tian highway will run north of the airport, while the airport railway quickly connects the city to the airport. Passengers may take the city railway from Dongzhimen to the airport transportation center, located at the south side of Terminal 3. The airport will also provide 7,000 parking spaces next to the Terminal 3 building.