TripAdvisor, GeoBeats ink deal has signed a distribution
agreement with TripAdvisor(R).

TripAdvisor’s monthly audience of more than 25 million travelers will now
have access to GeoBeats’ high-quality travel videos when searching for
destination information.

  Travelers who enjoy TripAdvisor’s authentic vacation information from
real travelers can find more of what they are looking for at and looking for the GeoBeats name in
the “From” field.

  TripAdvisor boasts more than five million registered members and 10
million reviews and opinions, featuring real advice from real travelers.
The company has won hundreds of awards and accolades from press and
industry worldwide. “It is precisely this notoriety that GeoBeats is so
proud to now be a part of,” Ashish Khurana, CEO of GeoBeats, explains. “We
are thrilled to see TripAdvisor’s users having access to our high-quality
travel videos.”

  Covering 30 countries, each of’s destination videos is
filmed by a local filmmaker and creates an authentic experience for the
viewer. “Watching our videos is the next best thing to being there. Our aim
is to show travelers exactly what they’re in store for before they book
their vacations,” continued Khurana. “That way, they can save not only
time, but also money.”


  All of this is good news for the 65 percent of travel bookers who,
according to a poll, research their trips online. With a tagline
of “get the truth. then go,” TripAdvisor is equally pleased to have videos aboard its travel network. “We are happy to add
GeoBeats’ professional videos to our travel video portfolio. The local
filmmakers’ unique viewpoints give our users the insider perspective on
their destinations,” said Stephen Kaufer, founder and CEO of TripAdvisor.