Gulf Air shows record number of Hajj pilgrims

Gulf Air has fully geared up its fleet and manpower to transport returning Hajj pilgrims from Saudi Arabia. A detailed plan has been put in action by the Gulf Air operations management that includes pressing in as many as 25 extra flights in a span of 10 days (between 22 and 31 December) in addition to the 10 scheduled flights per week to help Haj pilgrims return to their homes as fast possible.

’ Gulf Air, as the pioneering Pan-Arab airline, understands the importance and sanctity attached to Haj pilgrimage, which is undertaken by thousands of Muslims around the world,’ says Gulf Air Vice President Ground Operations Mr. Ahmed Janahi.

‘We have as many as 93200 passengers booked on our flights to fly between 22 and 31 December, which includes a substantial number of Haj pilgrims. We, therefore, left no stones unturned to ensure the return of the pilgrims to join their family as fast as possible by deploying additional flights. Our extra flights will continue until 20 January 2008 to ensure all Gulf Air passengers return home,’ concludes Mr. Janahi.

Despite the pressure due to unusual passenger rush caused by four other festive occasions, i.e. National Day, Eid Al Adha, Christmas and New Year, Gulf Air has been deploying between two to five extra flights per day to ferry passengers from Jeddah to Bahrain to connect them for onward journeys. In all, the airline will be operating a total of 90 flights from 1 December 2007 to 20 January 2008 in this route.