Air France rolls out new corporate site

Much more than just a company showcase, the new corporate website at features dynamic content of an editorial nature. News, published in “Front page news’ or ‘News in brief’ format, illustrates the Airline’s fundamental assets and strategic guidelines: alliances, networks and hubs, services, fleet, human resources and commitments.

For example, on the home page of its new website, Air France is today announcing the launch of a world exclusive service via a video presentation: the possibility of using one’s mobile phone to send and receive sms messages on international flights, at 30,000 ft. The video, filmed on board the first passenger flight to offer this service, describes how this in-flight mobile phone service works.

To give the website a more informative edge, many infographics, Flash animations, photos and videos have been integrated to make the website content more dynamic and interactive, all of which is managed by a dedicated Air France website editorial team.

The airline, serving 98 countries worldwide, is targeting all those who are interested in air transport in general and Air France in particular with this new website, which is available in three language versions, French, English and Spanish.

Designed by the Air France website editorial team, the website has been developed with the support of EuroRSCG C&O agency.