Tahiti redesigns tourism website

Tourisme North America announced a redesign and improved functionality for their award-winning website Some of the highlights include:

Branded Desktop Application—The branded desktop application, “Tahiti Live,” is prominently featured on the homepage for consumer download. “Tahiti Live” is a downloadable and email-able mini-desktop application featuring real-time information directly on a consumer’s desktop. “Tahiti Live” features real-time weather by island, a flash image slideshow, partner posted special offers, a trip planner tool for consumers to begin booking a vacation to the islands, interactive maps, and send to a friend feature.

Social Bookmarking—Icons of various social bookmarking sites have been added to the website as an extension of viral marketing efforts to broaden the awareness of the site.

Search for a Tiare Agent/Travel Specialist—A more prominent section for consumers to search for a local Tiare agent. Nearly every page on the website highlights this call-to-action, giving Tiare Agents more opportunity to generate a consumer response via lead request.

Search Capability within the Website—This new search capability, powered by Google, benefits consumers. It allows consumers to find information easily and to quickly locate exactly what they want within the website.


The tantalizing islands of Tahiti are much closer than many travelers think, only an eight-hour non-stop flight from Los Angeles with daily departures on Air Tahiti Nui. Receiving as many tourists in an entire year as Hawaii gets in about 12 days, and only a few more hours in the air, Tahiti is truly a convenient, ideal escape. The friendly Polynesian people, cultural experiences, signature overwater bungalows, extraordinary cuisine and activities in a pristine environment are just a few of the many reasons to consider this South Seas paradise for a vacation.