TripTouch launches beta site

TripTouch LTD is launching their beta site of a travel home page. TripTouch is a website for independent travelers who want the best from their trip. Everything at TripTouch is centered around your location and your personalized travel needs. TripTouch has local information, services and community all in one easy to use website.

TripTouch is a free service—anyone can use it, and registration only requires an email address.

The TripTouch website includes the following:

  * Travel information - attractions, events, transportation, restaurants, maps, news, weather, currency rates and more.

  * Services - search and booking of accommodation, flights, car rental.

  * Lively travel community - manage your trip, stay in touch with friends you meet along the way or friends and family back home.

“TripTouch is still in early beta,” says Ron Mertens, TripTouch’s VP of R&D and Technologies, “but we decided to launch our web site now. We want to start building our travel community, and we believe our site can help travelers to maximize their trip experience. We do plan on enhancing the service we offer in the coming months, of course.”


TripTouch includes a mashup from several sources, including Google maps, Eventful, WikiTravel and more. TripTouch also has agreements with Kayak and Hostelworld to provide travel booking services for hotels, hostels, cars, flights and cruises.

TripTouch currently targets youth and student travel, and focusing on Southeast Asia, Australia and New-Zealand as the first destinations. “But we already feature more than 2,700 destinations world-wide, so we do not limit ourselves geographically,” claims Ron.