Groople rolls out trip planning tool

Groople is launching a new trip planning tool available on GroopVine, the social networking technology of Groople. The new wizard and demo will make it easier to coordinate group travel plans. The travel planning wizard will serve as a step- by -step aid to those who might not be familiar with creating social networking-style Web pages.

Features of GroopVine’s new wizard and demo include:

Guided Web page creation - each section of the GroopVine page is populated with group travel information as the creator answers a series of prompted questions.

Preview pane - allows users to view changes to their Web pages as they are created.

Instructional videos - walk users through choosing and booking hotels; provide instructions for entering information about car rentals, airline reservations, and activities; and inviting guests.

Group management - group managers can now choose to allow all guests to make additions or changes to the group’s Web page.

Personalized Web page design - users select color themes, privacy settings, content selection and more.

Expanded voting and confirmation functionality- users can use GroopVine’s voting and confirmation capabilities even if bookings were made through another provider.

“GroopVine is already a powerful travel planning tool in helping groups get organized, stay informed and participate in trip planning ,” says Mike Stacy, Chief Executive Officer of Groople. “With the addition of the wizard and demo tools, users can now set up their page faster and easier.”