Turkish Airlines plans mobiles inflight

AeroMobile has signed an agreement with Turkish Technic to provide the technology for mobile phone use on board the aircraft of its parent company, Turkish Airlines.

The AeroMobile system will be installed on one of the Turkish flag carrier’s Airbus A340 aircraft in early 2008. AeroMobile is providing voice, text messaging and GPRS data services to Turkish Airlines’ passengers from service launch allowing passengers to use all GSM and GPRS services, including BlackBerry® and other ‘push email’ applications, exactly as they are used on the ground.


AeroMobile’s technology has already been successfully proven in over eight months of operation in an extensive trial service in Australia earlier in 2007.



The introduction of the service follows extensive passenger research by Turkish Airlines, which indicated a strong preference for the introduction of these services. This take-up mirrors high take-up and use of mobile phones in Turkey.


David Poltorak, AeroMobile president, says: “We are delighted to be working with Turkish Airlines to provide this service for their passengers. We are seeing an increasing level of airline interest in our innovative technology, and will be announcing further commitments in due course.”


Turkish Technic General Manager, Dr Ismail Demir, declared: “We are extremely pleased to be able to offer AeroMobile to Turkish Airlines’ passengers at an early stage in the emergence of this exciting new technology. Our commitment to AeroMobile demonstrates that we are intent to offer our passengers facilities and services that are second to none.”


The AeroMobile technology ensures that passenger mobile phones operate at their minimum power settings thereby allowing their safe use on the aircraft and avoiding interference to ground telecoms networks. AeroMobile has thoroughly addressed the numerous aspects of introducing mobile communications services in aircraft. These include the ability for cabin crew to control the system at all times, the capacity of the system and effective communication with passengers to ensure that passengers use the service in the most appropriate manner for the inflight environment.


The service will be launched on Turkish Airlines’ principal international routes, including flights within Europe and the Middle East, for which AeroMobile has already received the appropriate telecommunications regulatory approvals.


The service will also enable passengers to send and receive text messages, and the system also has GPRS capability allowing passengers to use devices such as BlackBerrys®, Palm Treos® and mobile data-enabled PDAs.


The installation of the technology on board an Airbus aircraft will reinforce the breadth of AeroMobile’s experience in establishing communications platforms on both Airbus and Boeing aircraft.