ABTA reveals 2008 travel trends

With a clutch of exotically located films and major international sporting events, 2008 will be another great year to travel, according to ABTA which has revealed the following predictions of where travellers will be inspired to go in 2008.ABTA and ABTA Magazine have revealed the following predictions of where travellers will be inspired to go in 2008.

‘Love in the Time of Cholera,’ filmed in South America’s most beautiful city - Cartagena - promises to put Colombia back on the map of must see destinations. ‘Australia’ - starring Nicole Kidman and ‘The Cup’ - a film about a jockey, starring Pierce Brosnan, who pulls off one of the most famous victories in Australian horse-racing history, both promise to reignite passions for the land down under, while Alex McCall Smith’s novels about the ‘No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ find their way onto our TV screens next year, which is certain to give Botswana - the peaceful and beautiful country where it is set - a boost.

The Terracotta Warriors’ exhibition in the British Museum has already whetted appetites for China, but the long-awaited Olympics next summer will provide many travellers with the excuse to try out this much talked about nation.

Austria and Switzerland had promised to be a 2008 hotspot for sports-lovers, but sadly, since our boys failed to qualify, not so many will be going to the Alps this summer for Euro 2008. However, with heavy early snow this winter, the ski season for 2007/08 is promising to be one of the best for sometime.

Formula One will be breaking some new ground. Singapore is hosting the world’s first Formula One night race on 28 September, while Valencia will use its recently developed America’s Cup marina to host a grand prix race on the first Formula One street course to be constructed since the US Grand Prix route in Phoenix, Arizona in 1989.


Early bookings so far also look very good for Turkey, Egypt, Portugal, and the US - where the dollar remains weak and where there will be the added drama in the Autumn of the Presidential elections.  Closer to home, France will mark the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Cruise also remains a success story within the travel industry and eight cruise ships will be launched next year.

“Travelling is always an inspiring way of spending our free time,” said Justin Fleming, ABTA President, “and with so many exciting events and enticing destinations, our enthusiasm for overseas holidays in 2008 remains high.”