Dot travel deadline hits marketplace

The Tralliance Corporation says that the .travel place names program will come to a conclusion on December 21. This will allow any eligible travel entity to now register dot travel domains without restriction.According to Ed Cespedes, Chief Executive Officer of Tralliance, “The place names program has given governments a priority right to register place names on the .travel top level domain since 2005. We are pleased that many governments have shown their support for the program by registering and using their .travel domain names.”

On December 21, 2007 place names that have not been registered will be returned to the general pool and can be registered by any eligible travel entity without restriction.

The .travel Registry will continue to accept priority registrations from governments until December 21, 2007. A letter on official letterhead, requesting any unregistered name over which the agency has authority, sent electronically to Tralliance, will be sufficient to allow the name to be approved for that agency.