AgentFactor opens free booking engine

AgentFactor has announced that it is now accepting bookings through its recently launched free affiliate brand dynamic booking engine program. “This program is specifically geared for travel portals that traditionally generate revenue through advertising model, but may want to explore to generate additional revenue streams to augment their advertising revenue model by selling travel products through revenue share structure.” Jim Menge, CEO of AgentFactor relates and added “We found that most publishing portals or domain parking operated by domain asset management companies, be it travel related domains wanting to build real-brand or non-travel related such as blogs or social networking sites have tremendous remnants availability, which can be allocated for actual travel booking engine. Why travel and why revenue share as oppose to advertising model? It’s because travel related search engine keywords searches are among the most natural and highest terms search over the net and we found from our numerous deal structure that a portal selling travel on performance based revenue model is actually the best for any sites to augment their revenue channel under their own brand.”

“AgentFactor’s FREE Affiliate Branded Dynamic Booking Engine Program not only enhances a portal’s brand, but it is very advance and unique compare to traditional travel affiliate booking engine program out there in the market for fixed commission structure. AgentFactor’s program for portal publishers allows them to dictate their own margin for competitive reasons to empower their entrepreneurial spirits. Plus it will provide a portal publisher an ability to customize it’s business model to sell travel, whether direct to the consumer or membership based and/or call center model.” Elmer Alinsog, EVP of Products, Business Architect and Partnerships proudly claims.