TAM welcomes second A330-200

TAM has received its second Airbus A330-200 directly from the Toulouse factory. The company received the first at the beginning of this month. One of these new aircraft will be used starting December 21 for the daily flight to Madrid, Spain, the fifth European destination served by TAM. TAM has now added a record 33 aircraft to its fleet in 2007.

The two new Airbus A330 are configured according to a new concept created by TAM for aircraft making long international flights, and will have four exclusive seats in First Class, 36 in Executive and 183 in Economy. Taking into account these two new planes and the 13 units (F-100 and Airbus) returned to lessors during the year, TAM will have an operating fleet of 110 aircraft, 101 of them Airbuses.
TAM received the largest number of new aircraft of all airlines from Airbus factories in 2007, according to the French manufacturer, even exceeding Chinese and Indian competitors. TAM’s current fleet plan foresees the company closing out next year with 123 planes in operation.