Abacus adds low cost carrier content

Abacus International is upgrading its Abacus Whiz solution to enable its network of travel agency locations to access international flights offered by low cost carrier AirAsia.

Patrick Lai, Abacus Vice President, North Asia and Content Marketing said the upgrade met an important need for Abacus-connected travel agents to access more content from low-cost carriers.

“By providing Abacus connected travel agencies with access to all domestic and international flight content from AirAsia, this upgrade provides a new revenue channel, and improves the service they can offer customers whether they are seeking a low cost carrier option as either all or part of their journey,” Lai said.

In a highly competitive travel environment, Abacus’ number one priority is to assist travel agents to increase their efficiency for enquiries, bookings and ticketing, ultimately saving them time and increasing their revenue streams, said Lai.

Rayner Teo, Senior Manager, Sales & Distribution , AirAsia said, “Distribution via Abacus was the next logical step for AirAsia. Abacus helps us take the distinctive Air Asia experience to a much wider pool of travel agents across Asia, and I believe that travel agents will welcome access to our low cost airfare content via Abacus,” Mr Teo said.


The upgrade is already complete in the major markets of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and China, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Macau, Myanmar and Vietnam, and will be implemented in India and the balance of 12 other markets during December 2007.