PATA hails US China visa deal

Chinese citizens will soon be able to travel to the US on tourist visas and in groups, and US destinations will be permitted to market themselves in China. PATA Regional Director—North America Ms Barbara Bryant has welcomed the agreement, which was signed at the 18th China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade in Beijing. “This presents enormous opportunities for PATA members in both destinations,” she said.
    PATA’s regional teams in North America and China are already discussing how to leverage the breakthrough for the benefit of PATA members.
    The MOU is good news for China’s domestic tourism industry, with PATA member the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) saying the agreement would provide strong impetus to economic, trade and cultural ties.
    Mr Dun Jidong, Marketing Director of PATA member China Travel Service said: “The US is an important destination with huge market potential for us.”
    In the past five years, China has overtaken Japan to become the largest source of Asian outbound travellers.