Hotelrez links up with HRG

International corporate services provider Hogg Robinson Group (HRG) has been selected to provide global hotel sales and marketing representation company, HotelREZ, with a fully automated expense management solution.

The HRG Expense ManagementTM tool will give HotelREZ greater management control of its global T&E (travel and expenditure) spend whilst allowing it to reduce processing costs through improved efficiency.  In addition to handling cash expenses it will also efficiently track travel and purchases from a variety of sources including corporate credit cards, travel and entertainment cards, mobile and office phones, fuel and car expenditure and travel data. The solution will be integrated into HotelREZ’s existing financial systems to provide a system that is available 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

David Smith, Director of HRG’s Expense Management division, commented: “Low value, high volume expenses typically account for over 90% of organisations’ total transactions. HRG Expense Management automatically consolidates data and aggregates transactions from different billing sources, reconciling, authorising and reporting them to trigger payment, providing an easy way to increase efficiencies and cut processing costs.”

In addition to implementing the HRG Expense Management solution, HotelREZ will be offering HRG ExpediteTM, HRG’s recently launched web-based tool designed to simplify the processing of cash expenses, to over 600 hotels worldwide as part of a referral partner agreement. The tool will help to promote cost control and expense management among its global network of hoteliers.

Mark Lewis, CEO of HotelREZ, commented: “In the course of representing and promoting 600 hotels worldwide our T&E spend is substantial.  It is therefore imperative that we have visibility and control of this investment in our business.


“At the same time, a key element of our role is to provide our representative hotels with key management expertise, advice and technology solutions. By recommending HRG Expedite, we are endorsing the use of a cash expense management tool which is absolutely suited to the independent hotel sector and is available globally using just an Internet connection.”