Travelport rolls out cruise solution

Travelport GDS is launching Travelport Cruise & Tour, a Web-based leisure shopping and booking system based on the proven, industry leading technology of Revelex. Travelport Cruise & Tour is available to all Galileo and Worldspan-connected agencies in the United States.

  “Travelport Cruise & Tour leverages Revelex’s renowned shopping and booking capabilities with direct-connect technology to offer our Travelport GDS customers a best-in-class tool to manage their leisure business,” said Kathy Fitzpatrick, Travelport GDS, Americas. “This enables customers to simultaneously shop across major cruise lines and packaged vacation suppliers for real-time availability and pricing—and book with confidence knowing they have secured the best available rates.”


  “Our goal is to provide Travelport GDS agents with the tools they need to be the most effective merchandisers of leisure travel, while maintaining a high level of efficiency for the agency,” added Fitzpatrick. “Travelport Cruise & Tour provides our Galileo- and Worldspan-connected agents with the functionality and technology needed to be successful in servicing cruise and tour customers.”

  Revelex Corporation is a leading provider of travel technology solutions that enable vendors and agencies of all sizes to effectively market and sell leisure travel both online and offline.